XOsignals Review: A Closer Look from Finanaceeo

By Jack Morgan

February 14, 2020

XOsignals Review: A Closer Look from Finanaceeo

Trading forex can be challenging, especially if you are new. There is a lot to learn as well as a lot of research to do if you want to be a profitable trader. XOsignals is a platform that gives you the help you need so you become a profitable trader and make good money trading forex and other commodities. But what is XOsignals, and what are the benefits of using this platform?

XOsignals website

XOsignals: An Introduction

XOsignals is a signal provider that develops signals for traders. The signals they develop can help you trade forex, commodities, gold, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, stock, index and a lot more. XOsignals employs both big data analysts and mathematicians to develop opportunities in the segments listed above. They use a combination of software and financial analysis to come up with some of the most accurate and profitable signals in the world.

Due to their in-depth understanding of both software and financial markets, they develop signals that can predict the values of different trading commodities as well as variations in values before they are seen in the market. This puts traders in a better position to take advantage of opportunities before everyone else can get into the market and devalue the commodities.

What I really like about XOsignals, ​is their platform supports an open chat between all their users, the chat currently has 200k traders in the​re so its a great community, source of information and conversation. The chat comes with translations and is split into ​four main areas, stock signals, forex signals, cryptocurrency signals and Index signals. ​This feature alone makes it worth it for me.

​"One of my favorite tools to use while trading, it feels like ​a secret weapon sometimes"

Their Platforms

XOsignals is available on both desktop and mobile. They also have apps for Android and iOS, so you can see prices and other data wherever you may be. Their app is free and easy to install and is highly rated both on Google Play and the Apple Store.

XOsignals works closely with IT specialists to ensure that their websites, as well as their apps, are secure so you can always trust that any information you send or receive from their platforms is secure.

The app provides:

  1. A live feed so you are updated on the latest prices of currencies, stocks, commodities and more.
  2. Information on stocks - The app sends you tips from professionals on which stocks to buy, sell or keep holding.
  3. Live chat capabilities - You can talk to other users to exchange tips and advice.
  4. The platform is also available in 23 languages so you can use it wherever you may be.


XOsignals offers users a choice between two types of accounts; a free one and a premium one. The free account lets you receive signals wherever you may be. The only downside is that you have to sign up for a free account if you want to see all the signals. Users who have not registered or logged in can only see a few signals which are not enough to go on.

The premium option has four payment tiers. For the premium account (also called a VIP account) you get everything in the free account plus:

  • Long-term strategies
  • Metal analysis and signals
  • Access to XOacademy online courses
  • Free Telegram signals
  • and a lot more

​Final thoughts on out XOsignals review

XOsignals is a fantastic platform for those just starting their trading careers and is an invaluable tool for those who need to trade profitably. Their mobile access and apps are a huge addition that a lot of people will appreciate. If you want even more benefits, go for the premium account.

About the author

Jack Morgan is the senior broker tester at Financeeo. Bringing more than 20 years experience from the online broker industry. Jack has spent many hours rigorously testing brokers.

​Jack Morgan

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