Distribution of Wealth Worldwide

Distribution of Wealth Worldwide

Average income per country

Below you can see the average income per capita of each country.

Average income per US State

Below you can see the average income per capita by state.


Average income is not always the best metric to use to show an accurate representation of things, many statitcians argue that median annual income should be the metric used. Although we agree with them we know that people identify more with the average metric so we choose to go with the average annual income. It also correlates very strongly with median.

We searched the internet deep and amalgamated many sources to come to these final statistics, it is worth noting that there are several different ways of calculating these statistics and different studies were carried out in different years. Although we tried our best to make sure we kept the same methods and years it is likely that these statistics are not 100% correct. However we are confident that this provides an accurate representation which is probably what you are here for.






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